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Ashish Tejnani
About Ashish
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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Well...lemme first tell you something more about me ..
I was always a very naughty child. As i started to grow up,I turned even more naughty and used to play pranks and trouble people around me.
I am from DON BOSCO's HIGH SCHOOL(Matunga) which is situated in the heart of Bombay. I have always been a very intellegent and a hard working student all through my school life in sports( like basketball,cricket,hockey,football,tennis) as never went to school to study ..... LOL !!!
Then it was time for college..... had a lot of problems to choose which one as i had admissions in almost all the colleges across bombay.... from the suburbs all the way to town I had to decide some college near to my house and so i selected MMK COLLEGE (Bandra) for my education.
After 2yrs of my colleging, I made plans to persue higher level of education abroad as a undergraduate student. I completed the formalities and even secured admissions inn 4 universities namely
1.University of Bridgeport,
2.California State University (San Bernardino), 3.Troy State University,
4.University of Missouri Rolla.
I even had admission as a back up in American Intercontinental University in London and Malasapina College in Canada.
My dreams were shattered when my visa was rejected on unexplainable grounds and then i took admissions in the University of Mumbai.
Now, I have finished with my graduation and have plans to apply for my visa once i clear my GMAT exam.
anyways... Life is full of choices n its sucha beautiful n a wonderful place to live and hence i like to try out different kinds of things in life and also keep learning things which could help become somethin' in life. 

I have always been a music freak both playing and singing I have learned to play the guitar,drums,mouth organ and the keyboard.
I was also into Taekwondo [karete]which helped me to build up my personality and to get the energy level what i hav now.It made me a strong person and really helped me to flex my muscles.
To ice it up, I even did a Webmaster's Course in computers from 3WI (World Wide Web)
I also went ahead and learnt dance as i always have been dancing whenever i get a chance... i learnt Jive and Rock n' Roll from J.J.Rodrix (Colaba)
Since I had this passion to become an Actor as i have done it all through my real life thought of trying it out with reel life.... I joined Kishore Namit Kapoor's Acting Lab (Lokhandwala)where i had one of my memorable experiences of my life and at the same time overcoming the fantasy and fear , I finished my course there with a memento with 5 stars which is given on rare occassions. I was really convienced and happy.
As of now I want to do a little more of acting and then eventually get into my family business (jewelry) as i have also done diamond grading and rough diamond assortment course.
I keep interests in almost all the things which i find worth.

i am basically a extrovert and so like all arians i like partyin' n' chilling out.

A woman mountain biking; Actual size=180 pixels wide

As i wanna become very famous in life....
i also work hard towards it where i go to my office [] where i am the Creative Director.
i handle a group of designers and the creative group of my company.