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Ashish Tejnani
My Favourate Shenaz...
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Shenaz Treasurywala



Shenaz Treasurywala.....Mtv's Treasure ....An Ace Photographer,Model,

What all What Not... .made it BIG with the show THE BIG PICTURE on

Mtv and now is in almost every program on air.

Mtv Chillout,Mtv Fresh,Mtv Most Wanted,Mtv India Hitlist,Mtv True Lies.... and

is also Vj Stylist for the show Club Mtv.

Appeared in almost every ad on television..was first spotted in the

GoldSpot and from that day its jus been GOLD coming her way.

She also featured in other ads like Akai,Elle 18, TriggerJeans,Sunny,Philips..........

it goes on and on.

A keen photographer, Shenaz has worked on the other side of the lens assisting

ace cameraman Farrokh Chotia.

Her dream is to eventually see her name amongst India's top photographers.

A firm believer that "you only live once and therefore must enjoy

every single moment" has led her to try adventure sports like Bungee jumping!

A true water baby she loves to swim, Jetski or just chill by the pool.

Amongst her varied passions, is a love for theatre--

which led her to teach little kids Drama.

Shenaz is a great pianist and sometimes plays the guitar too.

Besides having her dreams of travelling the world, she believes that

the world must be made a better place. Environment conscious, she's always

picking up after people and urging them to do their bit to save the world.



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