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Ashish Tejnani
My Admission I20's
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On This Page I Have My Admission Letters n The I20's I Had Received From The Universities I Applied To

This is My Toefl Score
It's Required To Give This Exam 4 Gettin In The Universities

This University Is Located In Alabama
Troy State University,AL

Things Involved In the Process During The Application :
1. Email all the universities that match your kinda needs and also the climate.
2. Prepare for the TOEFL test and then give it. Prepare for the SAT1 Test and study really hard take a test date after 3 months, give yourself too much time on the english part of it and also the wordlist.
3. After you have the TOEFL(min 213 max 300) & SAT1 (min 1000 max 1600)  scores with you  apply to the university
Documents Required During The Applications
1. Transcripts of your 10th and 12th attested by your school and college
2. xerox copies attested of your 10th and 12th marksheets
3. Recommendation letters from your school and college you attended
4. Bank letter stating that you have enough funds (min $30,000 max as much as you can show will be always an advantage)
5. xerox copy of your TOEFL and SAT1 scores
6. Essay- 2 essays will be required during the application you can select what ever topic you want .
&. Affidavit Stating that you are a major and / or a sponsorship letter
Note : Send your application through either Fed Ex or DHL and do not speed post it cause then you might face some problems
After your applications have left and your confident about your scores and admissions start preparing yourself for some SHOPPING this is the best part . Take some warm clothes and jackets and also some 3 pairs of jeans so that you can wear it there during FALL. Take some utensils alongwith you and Hey PLEASE learn to COOK.....
After you recieve your I20's and the forms please apply for your F1 Student Visa at VFS centre in Breach Candy and take the interview date after a week {try avoiding taking it on Mondays and Saturdays} cause of the heavy rush your chances might get a little difficult.
Carry all the required documents like your company docs, your bank statements your scholarship letters {if any} your certificates , your personal funds, basically all the documents wherein you can show yours and your sponsor's liquid funds ( redily available cash ) . Dress up really very casually and not too formally cause your a student after all meaning be presenttable and a good colonge will always make a good impression.During the interview be really confident about what your gonna say and try not to stummer or repeat yourself too much.... SMILEEE after you've completed your statements.
After your done with the interview and the consular has kept your passport with him / her. YOU'VE Got your ball rollin' {VISA WILL BE ISSUIED TO YOU }
If this works for you email me and lemme know ( ) Good Luck !!!

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